Elementary Level >> Worksheets >> Students find the odd one out in a list of regular and irregular past simple verbs, using it to make a sentence.

Past Simple Regular / Irregular Odd One Out


Which of the verbs in each question is the different one? Write a sentence for each 'odd one out' verb.


walk, lose, visit, like - LOSE
I lost my watch during my vacation in Europe.

1. fly, plan, shake, begin
Odd One Out: __PLAN__

2. understand, go, stop, buy
Odd One Out: __STOP__

3. want, write, prefer, watch
Odd One Out: __WRITE__

4. hit, bring, hurt, love
Odd One Out: __LOVE__

5. make, visit, cost, hear
Odd One Out: __VISIT__

6. happen, clean, help, wear
Odd One Out: __WEAR__

7. stick, feel, look, speak
Odd One Out: __LOOK__

8. teach, play, listen, finish
Odd One Out: __TEACH__

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