Elementary Level >> Worksheets >> Past simple gap fill using both regular and irregular verbs.

Past Simple Regular and Irregular Gap Fill


Put the past simple of each verb into the spaces. Some of the verbs are regular and some are irregular.

1. She _________ (go) to the disco alone.

2. The storm _________ (start) at about ten o'clock.

3. An apple _________ (drop) on Newton's head.

4. Mike's ball _________ (roll) down the hill and into the river.

5. Jane _________ (get) the best score in the English test.

6. The party _________ (begin) at eight o'clock and _________ (finish) at midnight.

7. I _________ (sell) my old red guitar and _________ (buy) a trumpet.

8. We _________ (walk) along the beach until we _________ (see) the cafe.

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