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This is where I work. The name of my company is Marshall Publishing. I started working here six years ago. I spend a lot of time on the phone, speaking to our clients, especially in Japan and Saudi Arabia. It's lucky that they all speak very good English because I don't speak Japanese or Arabic! I also do some work in the advertising department of the company, helping to make adverts for radio stations around the world. That's my favorite part of the job.

It's not a big office and it's not very modern either, but we really like working here. There's only one computer and there's a lot of papers and files. It's like an office from ten years ago really. The walls are gray, although they should be white. They are dirty and we need to paint them again.

In my part of the office, there's me and then there are three others, Lucy, Helen and Paul. Paul is the new one. He arrived only three months ago. He was a lawyer before, then he decided he didn't want to be a lawyer any more, so he changed his job completely. I imagine he earns a lot less money with us! Helen arrived at Marshall Publishing only a month or two after me. She's my best friend in the office because we helped each other a lot when we were both new. Lucy is the grandmother of the office. She started working here almost twelve years ago, when the company started. Everybody comes to her when there's a problem, when you have something you don't understand. She's a grandmother in real life too: she has 6 grandchildren!

The manager of the office is Liam. He's 39 years old and worked for a large publishers in London before taking this job. I think at the beginning, he felt a little strange, like an outsider. Now, he's one of the family. He's the best boss you could have!

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