Elementary Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Students fill each space with an object used in the morning. Good practice of present continuous too.

Morning Activities


Use one of the words to complete each sentence.

mirror   comb   radio   newspaper   mp3 player
makeup   microwave oven   toothbrush

1. What a busy morning! Sue is brushing her teeth with a ________.

2. Mike is in his bedroom. He's using a ________ to make his hair neat and tidy.

3. He's also listening to some music on his ________.

4. Their mother is in the kitchen. She's using the ________ to make breakfast.

5. She's listening to the news on the ________.

6. Her husband isn't talking to her. He's reading his ________.

7. In the hall, Kelly is putting on ________.

8. She's looking in the ________ and she looks pretty.

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