Elementary Level >> Error Correction >> Students read sentences and find the badly spelt plural that is in each one.

Mis-Spelt Plurals Error Correction


Find the badly spelt plural in each sentence.

  1. The two bags contained two umbrellas, six watchs and four large telephones.
  2. There were two Stephens at the party and three Harries!
  3. Give me the cheese, two fishes and three oranges from the fridge.
  4. The two boxs were full of books, papers, pencils and many notes from school.
  5. We can't find any potatos and the apples and bananas are bad. Let's go shopping!
  6. The house has 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms and a garden full of trees, flowers and bushs.
  7. Jenny gave me two rabbits to look after. They had long eares and cute eyes.
  8. Thiefs stole two radios and two hundred dollars from the store.

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