Elementary Level >> Reading & Writing Materials >> A short elementary level reading about Michael spending a night in hospital. Good practice of was/were, past simple of 'to be'.

Michael And His Stomach


Read this short story about Michael and his night in the hospital.

Michael works in a restaurant in the centre of Madrid, Spain. He goes to work at 5pm, but yesterday at 5pm, he wasn't on the bus, he was in a taxi going to the hospital. He was very sick! Usually, he works in the kitchen all evening, but yesterday he wasn't in the kitchen. He was in the X-ray department of the hospital because the doctors were worried about his stomach pains.

Normally, at 11pm, Michael takes a bus to go home after finishing at the restaurant, but yesterday at 11pm, he was still in the hospital and he was still unhappy and sick. He was in a bed and he was very hot - 102 degrees! Was he worried? Yes, he was!

In the morning, he was better and the doctors were pleased. What was the problem? It was bad food - from his restaurant!

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