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Martin's Vacation - Reading


Read about Martin's day yesterday, the day of his vacation.

Martin had a terrible day yesterday. It was the day of his vacation to Spain but it was a nightmare. He left the house at 10 o'clock in the morning and caught a taxi to the airport.

Martin went to the check-in with his luggage. When the man who worked for the airline asked for his passport, Martin became very upset. Where was his passport? Martin realized he didn't have his passport with him. What a disaster!

He jumped back into the taxi and told the driver to take him home. The driver drove quickly and Martin arrived back at his house in twenty minutes.

He ran into the house and went into his bedroom. He found his passport on the bedside table and left the house again. But the taxi wasn't there! Where was the taxi!

Martin jumped up and down angrily. "I don't believe it. The taxi left!" he shouted. He ran down the street and looked for another taxi.

After a few minutes, Martin found another taxi and told the driver to take him to the airport as quickly as possible. The traffic on the roads was very bad and, unfortunately, Martin's taxi arrived at the airport late. His plane left for Spain at 11.30 and Martin missed it. He was very sad and went to speak to the airline. They promised to get him a seat on an evening flight and Martin went home on another taxi to wait.

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