Elementary Level >> Error Correction >> Students correct the errors in a series of sentences that contain past simple irregular verbs.

Irregular Past Simple Verbs Error Correction Worksheet 3


Read these sentences that all use past simple irregular verbs. Correct those sentences that are wrong.

1. When Susan GOT a necklace for Christmas, she didn't know who it was from.

2. Christine's mother TAUGHT her some Japanese words when they were in Tokyo.

3. I did the work exactly as my boss wanted, but he wasn't happy anyway. CORRECT

4. In my dream last night, the sun ROSE in the west, not in the east. It was very strange.

5. My uncle in Chicago WON the lottery, but it was only $63.

6. For our vacation, we drove from London to Rome in four days. We were very tired. CORRECT

7. Did you keep rabbits in the garden when you were young? We KEPT both rabbits and pigs.

8. Kim WORE her favorite dress to the party and when it rained, it got very wet.

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