Elementary Level >> Error Correction >> Students correct the errors in a series of sentences that contain past simple irregular verbs.

Irregular Past Simple Verbs Error Correction Worksheet 2


Read these sentences that all use past simple irregular verbs. Correct those sentences that are wrong.

1. The two boys runned fast and they escaped from the dog.

2. When the police found the missing child, the town celebrated.

3. My grandfather grow many types of vegetable in the garden when he was a boy.

4. The two girls ignored the warning sign on the beach and swum in the sea.

5. I watched that movie last night, the one with Brad Pitt. Then I realized that last year, I saw it at the cinema with Jack.

6. Ben and his brother put the tent in the garden, but it was very cold and they sleeped very badly.

7. If you understood the question, why didn't you write the answer?

8. I leaved the house on time, but the bus was very late.

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