Elementary Level >> Error Correction >> Students correct the errors in a series of sentences that contain past simple irregular verbs.

Irregular Past Simple Verbs Error Correction Worksheet 1


Read these sentences that all use past simple irregular verbs. Correct those sentences that are wrong.

1. The teacher spoke very loudly and the students were quiet. CORRECT

2. I BOUGHT a small musical box for my brother when I was in Paris.

3. Alaska BECAME a state in 1959.

4. We had a huge turkey dinner on Christmas Day. CORRECT

5. While Janine went shopping, I looked after her baby. CORRECT

6. John HEARD the advert on the radio and went to buy the book immediately.

7. I didn't say you could go out. I SAID that it was too late.

8. Martha BLEW very hard and all the candles on her cake went out.

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