Elementary Level >> Worksheets >> Fill the gaps in the sentences with the correct present form of either the verb 'have' or the verb 'to be'.

"Have" and "Be" Gap Fill Worksheet


Choose the correct form of either the verb "have" or "be" to complete each sentence.

1. John __IS__ 27 years old and __HAS__ three children.

2. I __HAVE__ a shower early in the morning and also late in the evening.

3. Paris __IS__ a large city in France. There __ARE__ 5 million people living there.

4. Lucy and Julie __ARE__ twin sisters. They __ARE__ both very tall.

5. Every year, we __HAVE__ a large party in our house for Christmas.

6. If you __ARE__ sad, read a funny book or watch something on TV.

7. The park in my town always __HAS__ a lot of people walking in it. It __IS__ very pretty.

8. It __IS__ nearly ten o'clock. I __AM__ late!

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