Elementary Level >> Worksheets >> Students match two sentence halves to practice 'going to' future.

Going To Matching Exercise


Match the numbered present sentences with their future endings.

1. Mike is holding a ladder and a bucket - he's going to clean the windows.

2. Mike is putting his coat on and holding some keys - he's going to drive to the supermarket.

3. Angela is sitting at the table with a pen - she's going to write a letter.

4. Angela is in the kitchen. She's wearing an apron - she's going to bake a cake.

5. Mike is calling friends. He's telling them his address - he's going to have a party.

6. Angela is putting a ladder up in the lounge - she's going to paint the walls.

7. Mike has some tools in his hand. He's reading a book, "Your Ford" - he's going to fix the car.

8. Mike is making sandwiches. He's watching the weather on TV - he's going to have a picnic.

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