Elementary Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Gap fill worksheet that gives students practice of general elementary level vocabulary.

Elementary General Vocabulary Gap Fill Worksheet 8


Put the following words into the correct gap in each sentence. You may have to change the form of the word (plurals, third person, etc)

to crash
to cheat

  1. The dictionary is on the table, ______ the book about photography.
  2. On our vacation last year in Brazil, we took a bus into the ______ and spent two days camping there.
  3. Jake ______ his father's new car and his father was furious.
  4. If you want to lose weight, make sure you still eat three ______ a day.
  5. We have a new ______ in the house. It's a Labrador and only 5 weeks old.
  6. Beryl won the poker game but everybody was sure she ______.
  7. The detective heard a woman's ______ and ran into the library.
  8. We had one fruit tree in our garden: a large ______ tree. They were big and green and ready to eat in September.

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