Elementary Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Gap fill worksheet that gives students practice of general elementary level vocabulary.

Elementary General Vocabulary Gap Fill Worksheet 6


Put the following words into the correct gap in each sentence. You may have to change the form of the word (plurals, third person, etc)

to control
to shine

  1. That suggestion you gave me last night was very ______. I passed the exam easily!
  2. Your dog is digging a big ______ in the garden. Near the rose bushes!
  3. I had a very strange ______ last night. I was living inside an apple like a worm!
  4. Are you going to ask Cheryl to marry you? "______. I have to think about it."
  5. Press this button and you can ______ which way the car goes.
  6. That man has small arms and looks very ______. He won't win the competition.
  7. Give me another knife, please. This one isn't very ______ and I can't cut anything with it.
  8. I cleaned that vase for so long that it's ______ now like the sun!

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