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Elementary Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Gap fill worksheet that gives students practice of general elementary level vocabulary.

Elementary General Vocabulary Gap Fill Worksheet 2

Put the following words into the correct gap in each sentence. You may have to change the form of the word (plurals, third person, etc)

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  1. If you want to come in, knock ______ on the door.
  2. Every year we go to a ______ in the north. We swim and use a sailing boat.
  3. When the sun shines, it becomes very ______.
  4. I want to ______ this document but the computer is broken.
  5. Martin is a single man and Yvette is a ______ woman.
  6. You must be very ______ to go to Harvard University in the USA.
  7. John is a very ______ man. He does everything to help you.
  8. We do Art at school every Tuesday. I like ______ flowers and fruit. Premium

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