Elementary Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Students place descriptive adjectives into sentences in this gap fill worksheet.

Descriptive Adjectives


Fill the gap with one of the following descriptive adjectives.

shiny   flat   deep   wide   narrow   hard   colorful   straight

1. The river is too ________ here, we can't cross.

2. The bridge crosses the river here, where it's quite ________.

3. This part of the sea is very ________, nearly five kilometers!

4. He cleaned his car until it was beautiful and ________, like new.

5. The Romans built long ________ roads.

6. The cement floor was very ________ and the boy hurt himself when he fell.

7. We went to a carnival. It was very bright and ________, especially reds and yellows.

8. Holland is a very ________ country. There aren't any big hills or mountains.

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