Elementary Level >> Reading & Writing Materials >> Vocabulary Worksheet based on reading, The Town of Carston.

The Town of Carston - Vocabulary Worksheet


Look at these definitions of words that appear in the text about Carston. Are these definitions true or not? Correct the ones that are not correct.

1. historic - someone famous was born in the town.

2. signs - information and rules such as "Pay Here", "No Smoking", "No Parking".

3. gates - large doorway structures in a wall or fence.

4. ruins - old buildings, now destroyed or in very bad condition.

5. occupation - type of job, work. E.g. teaching, farming, journalism.

6. factory - place where you can buy large machines.

7. to export - to sell things to other countries.

8. championship - competition between ships and boats.

9. resident - someone who lives in the town/city.

10. theatre - place where you can see dramatic performances, plays, etc.

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