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The Town of Carston


Read about the town of Carston.

Carston is a very historic town in the north of England. The Romans arrived in Carston two thousand years ago and they stayed for three hundred years. Even today, you can still see many signs of the Romans. There is still the large city wall that they built with its three gates: Main, East and South. The wall is not complete but you can still see the three gates. Many tourists comes to Carston to see the Roman ruins.

Carston is famous for its history, but it's also a modern town with 74,000 people. They work in many types of jobs. The most common occupation is tourism, but there are also many people who work in the local car factory. The factory makes sports cars that are exported all over the world. There is another factory in Carston and in this factory, four hundred people work and they make microwave ovens.

Carston also has a small football team which is not very successful and a rugby team that is more successful. The rugby team won the regional championship three years ago and one of their players, Danny Biggs, played three times for England. He still lives in Carston. He wants to return to play for Carston rugby team before he retires.

Another famous Carston resident is the Hollywood movie star, Jason John Lee. He left Carston when he was 15 years old, but returns every summer to visit his family. Jason's school, Carston Middle School, now has a small theatre named after Jason. Jason gave his school some money to build the theatre. Maybe in the future, there will be other famous actors from Carston!

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