Elementary Level >> Worksheets >> Each sentence needs to be completed with either 'can you?' or 'can I?'.

Can You, Can I?


Look at these requests for permission. Fill each space with either "can you" or "can I".

1. __CAN I__ borrow $20 from you until the weekend?

2. __CAN YOU__ give me John's number? I don't have it.

3. __CAN I__ look at my notes for another ten minutes before the exam?

4. __CAN YOU__ open the door for me, Jackie? These books are very heavy.

5. __CAN I__ see your new phone for a minute? It looks fantastic.

6. __CAN YOU__ wait just a minute. I don't have my keys!

7. __CAN YOU__ explain last week's assignment to me. I don't understand it at all!

8. __CAN I__ try a bit of that cake, Helen? I'm so hungry!

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