Elementary Level >> Worksheets >> Worksheet that focuses on the difference between 'can' and 'could' when speaking about ability.

Can or Could Worksheet


For each of these sentences, choose either can or could. Be careful when deciding if the sentence is positive or negative.

1. I ______ sleep last night. It was so hot!

2. When I was five or six, I ______ do a handstand, but I ______ now.

3. My late grandfather ______ speak French and my father ______ say a few words of Spanish. I ______ speak anything but English.

4. We're having a dinner party next Saturday, but Roger ______ come.

5. When I met Darren last year, he ______ swim. He was terrified of the water. Now he ______ swim like a fish!

6. I ______ finish my lunch today. I just wasn't hungry at all.

7. There are so many different ice creams to choose from. I ______ decide. You choose for me.

8. I ______ find Ben and then I found him in the garden. Now I ______ find him again. He keeps disappearing!

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