Elementary Level >> Worksheets >> Worksheet that focuses on can/can't in present tense.

Can / Can't Worksheet


Read each sentence carefully and choose either can or can't for each space to complete the sentence.

1. The baby is ill, so we __CAN'T__ come to the dinner tomorrow night. Sorry.

2. I __CAN'T__ speak French, but I __CAN__ ask for someone's name and age.

3. Look, Barry. You __CAN__ see our house from this hill. __CAN__ you see it?

4. Maggie, __CAN__ you speak a little louder. We __CAN'T__ hear you at the back of the room.

5. Where's my phone? I put it on the table and now I __CAN'T__ find it!

6. I __CAN__ smell smoke. Is there a fire somewhere?

7. The new manager is Sophie. I __CAN'T__ believe that! She's terrible.

8. I __CAN'T__ go jogging on Saturday, Nickie, but we __CAN__ go the next day if you want.

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