Elementary Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Student's choose 'can' or 'can't' for each space.

Can or Can't Gap Fill


Choose either "can" or "can't" for each space.

1. You're very lucky if you __CAN__ play the piano.

2. My brother __CAN'T__ speak any foreign language, but he wants to learn Swedish.

3. __CAN__ you swim well or just a little?

4. I __CAN'T__ see very well with these glasses. Give me others to try.

5. __CAN__ you hear that noise? It's a dog in the garden.

6. Help me, please! I __CAN'T__ understand this question.

7. The company says that if I __CAN__ speak Spanish, I have the job.

8. Put the TV volume up - I __CAN'T__ hear anything!

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