Elementary Level >> Reading & Writing Materials >> Elementary level reading about an ambitious girl called Mary. Gives practice of 'going to' future.

Ambitious Mary


Read this short story about an ambitious teenager called Mary.

Mary Dexter is a young student who lives in Denver, Colorado in the west of the USA. Now, she is 17 and is studying at her local high school, but she already has big plans for her future. After she finishes high school next year, she's going to study at a big college in California. She's very excited about it.

She's going to live in San Diego - her favorite city. She's going to study Marine Biology, which means she is going to learn about all the animals that live in the sea. And San Diego is the perfect place to study Marine Biology because the Pacific Ocean is very near and there is the wonderful Sea World there, where you can see sharks and seals and many other sea animals.

What is she going to do after she finishes her six-year course in San Diego? "I'm going to become a famous biologist and save the oceans," Mary says.

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