Elementary Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Past Simple gap fill worksheet.

Tom's Day Yesterday


Tom __GOT UP__ very early yesterday morning and __HAD___ a bath. Then he __WENT__ down to the kitchen and ___ATE___ two pieces of toast and __DRANK___ a glass of milk. Tom works in the local hospital and, yesterday he __LEFT__ the house at about 8 o'clock.

He __CAUGHT__ the number ten bus and he ___ARRIVED___ at work at 8.30. He __SAID___ 'good morning' to his secretary, Maura, and then he __OPENED/READ__ all the letters that were on his table. Then he ____ Maura for a cup of coffee and he ____ four very important letters.

At one o'clock, Tom __WENT__ for lunch in a café and __READ__ his newspaper. He __RETURNED__ to the office at two o'clock and __LEFT__ at six. He __DIDN'T CATCH__ the bus because a friend __TOOK__ him in the car.

In the evening, he __SWAM__ in the local swimming pool and __WENT__ shopping in the local supermarket where he __BOUGHT__ a lot of food. He __WAS__ very tired in the evening so he __WATCHED__ television. He __WENT__ to bed at 11 o'clock and he __DREAMED__ about winning the lottery.

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