Elementary Level >> Error Correction >> Use of "there is", "there are" and "it" is the focus of this error correction worksheet.

"There Is" Error Correction Sheet


Look at each sentence and see if it is correct or not. Try to correct those that have mistakes in.

1. There is a new cinema in the town. Did you know?

2. Are there any bananas in the fridge?

3. Because of the airport near my house, it is a lot of noise.

4. There is a computer in your house?

5. There are three supermarkets in the town. There are very big.

6. Where is your dog? Is there at home?

7. There is very hot today. I want to go to the beach.

8. There are nearly 200 miles between here and the coast.

9. There isn't a train at this time, is there?

10. There will be another bus in five minutes.

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