Elementary Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Basic some/any worksheet with some focus on 'some' used in offers or requests.

Some or Any


1. Are there ____ cinemas in your town?

2. Can I have ____ sugar in my coffee, please?

3. He doesn't have ____ brothers or sisters in his family.

4. If you go and look in the kitchen, there are ____ magazines on the table.

5. There weren't ____ people on the beach this morning. Only ____ seagulls.

6. ____ people in the world are very rich, but others don't have ____ money.

7. Would you like ____ wine with your dinner?

8. Can you get me ____ bread if you go to the shops?

9. It's not surprising she doesn't have ____ friends with her personality.

10. There are ____ eggs in the fridge but you will need to buy ____ milk.

11. Do you want ____ help with your homework?

12. ____ people at the party last night were very bored.

Which sentences are offers or requests?

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