Elementary Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students fill in the spaces in the main text and also have to re-construct an interview with her. Only present simple.

Sandy Jenson


Me and my family

I'm from Swansea, in Wales, and I'm forty-three years old. I'm married and my husband's name is James. He's a teacher in a school for girls. We have three children - two boys and a girl. I have two brothers. They still live in Wales.

Me and my work

I'm a journalist, so I work in London for part of the week and in Wales for the rest. I enjoy my work very much. I like it because I meet a lot of interesting people. I work about fifty or sixty hours a week. I often feel very tired in the evenings.

Me and my home

We have a flat in London, but my home is Swansea and we have a large house there. There are about twelve rooms and the house is like a hotel. So many people come and go! We have a large garden where we grow fruit and vegetables.

Me and my free time

Well, I have very little free time, but when I can, I like having friends for dinner. We sit, eat, drink and talk for hours! I also enjoy the theatre and I love the Cardiff Festival which takes place in August. I like all kinds of music but especially opera music.

Complete this interview with Sandy:

I = Interviewer

S = Sandy

I: What's your name?

S: Sandy Jenson

I: __________________?

S: J-E-N-S-O-N.

I: Where are you from?

S: __________________.

I: ___________________?

S: I'm forty-three.

I: Are you married?

S: _________________.

I: __________________?

S: James.

I: What does your husband do?

S: ________________.

I: Do you have any children?

S: __________________.

I: __________________?

S: Yes, I have two brothers.

I: Do you enjoy your work?

S: _________________.

I: _________________?

S: Because I meet a lot of people.

I: Where do you live?

S: _________________.

I: Do you have a garden?

S: ___________________.

I: _________________ in your free time?

S: Going to the theatre and listening to opera music.

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