Elementary Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Helps students choose the correct question words when forming interrogative sentences. After completion, the completed questions can be used for a student to student interview.

Question Words Worksheet


Fill in the spaces in each of the questions using the question words given in the box below. Each question word is used once only.

Why? How often? When? What? Which?
Who? How much? Where? How many? How long?

1. ____________ do you live?

2. For ____________ do you want to stay in this city?

3. ____________ do you speak English outside the class?

4. ____________ do you prefer to study - at night or in the morning?

5. ____________ are you studying English?

6. ____________ do you prefer - wine or beer?

7. ____________ uncles and aunts do you have?

8. ____________ is the best student in this class?

9. ____________ coffee do you drink every day?

10. ____________ is the time?

Now ask another student these questions!

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