Elementary Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students choose either present simple or continuous to fill the spaces.

Present Simple or Continuous?


1. Messi __PLAYS__ (play) football for Barcelona, but at the moment he __'S HAVING__(have) a holiday in Florida.

2. 'Why __IS__ our neighbor's dog __BARKING__ (bark)?'

'I think someone __IS TRYING__ (try) to break into their house!'

3. Every day Alex __WAKES UP__ (wake up) at 8.00, __HAS__ (have) a shower, and __GOES__ (go) to Hawaii to windsurf. He __DOESN'T WORK__ (not\work) because he won the lottery last year!

4. Why __ARE YOU LEARNING__ (learn) English this year?

5. At the moment I __'M LIVING__ (live) on my own because my girlfriend __IS VISITING__ (visit) her mother in Rome.

6. Maurizio __DOESN'T LIKE__ (not\like) his house in Philadelphia so now he __IS LOOKING__ (look) for an apartment in New York.

7. I usually __DRIVE__ (drive) a Fiat Panda but it __ISN'T WORKING__ (not\work) at the moment so I __AM DRIVING__ (drive) a Seat Marbella.

8. Jane is in the kitchen and very stressed! She __'S COOKING__ (cook) dinner for 20 people.

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