Elementary Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> All the sentences on this grammar worksheet are in the present continuous but students have to select between positive and negative for each one.

Present Continuous Positive and Negative


Each of these sentences uses the present continuous - you have to decide if it is positive or negative.

1. I know it's 1am but I don't feel tired. I __'M NOT GOING__ to bed yet! (go)

2. Oh what a pity. I bought a lovely dress for your wife and she __'S NOT WEARING__ it to the party. (wear)

3. I heard that your son __IS HAVING__ a great time at university in England. How is he? (have)

4. Yesterday, Jon told me that he __ISN'T GOING OUT__ with Cara anymore - they argue too much. (go out)

5. Slow down Martin! You __'RE DRIVING__ too fast and the police will stop us! (drive)

6. This hotel is terrible and the weather is too cold. I __'M NOT ENJOYING__ this holiday very much Brian. Can we go home? (enjoy)

7. You __'RE SPENDING__ too much money. If you are not careful, you won't have any left next week. (spend)

8. I __'M NOT READING__ many books at the moment. I don't have the time and I am too busy at work. (read)

9. You can change the channel if you want. I __'M NOT WATCHING__ this programme. (watch)

10. Come and have a look at these. I __'M LOOKING__ at our old wedding photos. (look)

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