Elementary Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> A dialogue between two friends is incomplete. All the spaces are in the present continuous and must be filled in.

A Conversation Between Friends


Read this conversation between friends and fill in the spaces. All the spaces are in the present continuous - positive, negative and questions.

Rosanna: Hi, John. Nice to see you. What __ARE YOU DOING__ (do) these days?

John: Hi, Rosanna. I __'M WORKING__ (work) in a hotel near the beach. I __'M ENJOYING__ (enjoy) it a lot because it's so interesting. I __'M MEETING__ (meet) a lot of interesting people. And you? __ARE YOU STILL STUDYING__ (still study) French at the college?

Rosanna: Yes. I __'M NOT ENJOYING__ (not enjoy) it very much because we have to work too much. But one good thing is that I __'M WRITING__ (write) to a French boy who lives in Marseilles. It helps with my French. __ARE YOU GOING__ (go) to work now?

John: No, I __'M GOING__ (go) to the supermarket to do some shopping. Do you want to come with me?

Rosanna: I can't, sorry. I __'M GOING__ (go) to a cafe to meet my friend Melissa. She __'S HELPING__ (help) me with my thesis. I will telephone you tomorrow.

John: OK, speak to you tomorrow. Bye.

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