Elementary Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students choose between "as", "than" or "more" to complete comparative sentences.

Comparative Structures Worksheet


For each space, choose between "as", "than" or "more".

1. My telephone isn't as modern __________ your one.

2. This watch looks nice but it's __________ expensive than the other.

3. Your car is the same make __________ mine.

4. That film wasn't __________ good as the last one we saw together.

5. I didn't know you were the same age __________ me. When is your birthday?

6. This is a nice house but your house is __________ beautiful.

7. We have less time __________ you think! Come on - let's go.

8. What a great beach - the other beach was __________ crowded too.

9. You are not __________ intelligent as your boss.

10. You must be very hungry. You took __________ food than me.

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