Elementary Level >> Error Correction >> Students correct a letter written with both present simple and present continuous tenses. Can be used to lead on to pen-pal letters or similar.

Letter Error Correction


Correct the errors in this letter that Jane has written to her pen-friend in Australia. Look at the present simple and present continuous examples especially.

Dear Carol,

Thank you for your last letter. You seem to have a very interesting life in Australia. Where I live, the weather is terrible. While I write this letter to you, outside it snows. I know you are not believing me, but it's true. My father builds a fire in the lounge so the house will be warm soon!

You asked me to tell you something about my family so here goes! I have one brother and one sister. My sister's name is Caroline, similar to yours! My brother's name is Edward. They both study at university. Caroline is wanting to be a dentist and Edward thinks it is being a good idea to become a lawyer.

I still study at school but I leave in June. I always tell my parents I want to start work as a bank clerk but they are not understanding me. My father is working in a bank and I want to be like him. My mother is a housewife but she is also writing short novels. Maybe you are knowing her!

Ok, that is enough about me. Tell me about your family in Australia. Where are you living? In a house or an apartment?

Until next time...


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