Beginners Level >> Worksheets >> Choose the correct form of the present simple verb. To practice third person singular.

Present Simple Third Person Multiple Choice


Choose the right form to complete each sentence.

1. She ________ three languages.
a. speaks
b. speak

2. Gina is a language professor. She ________ French.
a. teach
b. teaches

3. I always ________ the door at night.
a. lock
b. locks

4. The food in Sweden is very expensive. It ________ a lot to live there.
a. costs
b. cost

5. Her job is great because she ________ a lot of people.
a. meets
b. meet

6. When the water ________, will you make some tea?
a. boil
b. boils

7. He always ________ his truck on Saturday mornings.
a. washes
b. wash

8. I ________ to watch horror movies.
a. love
b. loves Premium

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