Beginners Level >> Worksheets >> Choose the correct form of the present simple verb. To practice third person singular.

Present Simple Third Person Multiple Choice, Worksheet Two


Choose the right form to complete each sentence.

1. My phone is broken and it ________ to be fixed again.
a. needs
b. need

2. We both ________ to the radio in the morning.
a. listen
b. listens

3. Those gloves ________ too much.
a. cost
b. costs

4. She ________ a big wedding and an expensive honeymoon.
a. wants
b. want

5. Harry ________ too much so he's getting really fat.
a. eats
b. eat

6. The library ________ at 5:00 pm.
a. closes
b. close

7. Diana ________ three children now.
a. has
b. have

8. Douglas ________ too much. He always has a cigarette in his mouth.
a. smokes
b. smoke Premium

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