Beginners Level >> Worksheets >> Students can often have problems between using 'there is/are' and 'it is' and this exercise targets that problem.

There Is / It Is Worksheet


Put 'there is/are' or 'it is' for each sentence.

1. ________ a bus at 7.30. We can wait for that.

2. ________ very late, Ben. We must go.

3. ________ a big town and ________ more than 50,000 people living there.

4. The hotel is expensive but ________ a wonderful restaurant inside.

5. Put your coat on, ________ cold!

6. Look at that huge present under the Christmas tree. ________ yours!

7. ________ a good movie on at seven o'clock. ________ a thriller.

8. Are you enjoying that book? ________ by Grisham, isn't it? Premium

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