Beginners Level >> Reading >> Multiple choice questions to go with the 'The Town Of Clarkson' reading text.

The Town Of Clarkson - Multiple Choice


Choose the best answer for each of these questions.

1. What is there near Clarkson?
a) mountains
b) sea
c) river

2. What is there in North Clarkson?
a) wide streets
b) factories
c) offices

3. Where is the stadium?
a) outside the town
b) near the river
c) South Clarkson

4. What do people in Clarkson do at the weekend?
a) go for walks
b) have barbecues
c) swim in the river

5. Which statement is true?
a) Clarkson is a city
b) Clarkson is a bad place to live
c) Clarkson is a popular town Premium

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