Beginners Level >> Reading >> Worksheet which gets students forming questions based on the 'The Town Of Clarkson' reading text.

The Town Of Clarkson - Forming Questions


Look at the answers to questions about Clarkson and its people. Now complete the questions.


What is the name of the town?

It's called Clarkson.

1. How __________________________________ in Clarkson?
More than fifty thousand.

2. What __________________________________?
The Clark River.

3. How __________________________________ to work?
By ferry.

4. Where __________________________________?
They are in South Clarkson.

5. What is __________________________________ Clarkson?
The Clarkson Tigers.

6. What __________________________________ at the weekend?
They go walking or sail boats. Sometimes they fly kites.

7. Why does __________________________________ houses?
Because many new people come to live in Clarkson. Premium

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