Beginners Level >> Reading >> A worksheet that gets students to write short answers to questions based on the 'The Seattle Journalist' reading.

The Seattle Journalist: Short Answer Worksheet


Write short answers for each of these questions after reading "The Seattle Journalist".

1. Is Mr. Benson a farmer?
No, he isn't. He's a journalist.

2. Is Mr. Benson married?

3. Do they have children?

4. Does Jennifer have glasses?

5. Does Jennifer have a beard?

6. Is Jennifer's hair blonde?

7. Does Peter have black hair?

8. Is Peter short?

9. Is Don 15 years old?

10. Does Alice have a car?

11. Does Alice have blond hair?

12. Does the family have a pet?

13. Do they have a house?

14. Is their apartment in Seattle? Premium

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