Beginners Level >> Error Correction >> Error correction worksheet where students look for errors in positive, negative and interrogative sentences using the present simple.

Present Simple Error Correction Worksheet II


Look at these sentences using the present simple. Is each sentence correct or is there a mistake?

1. How often do you go to college, Fran? Do you go every day?

2. What time the bus does come? I'm late!

3. When I have a headache, I sit in my room and not do nothing.

4. Many people thinks my dog, Jasper, is crazy. He barks a lot for no reason!

5. I think this is the wrong train! Excuse me, do this train go to London?

6. The plane arrives at gate 16. Then, go outside because the taxis leaves from there.

7. My sister is a chef! Does your sister has a job?

8. All of the students in the class are happy today because they don't have homework to do. Premium

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