Beginners Level >> Reading >> After reading the 'My Name Is Ben' text, students can answer these true/false reading comprehension questions.

My Name Is Ben: True/False Questions


Are these statements true or false. Correct those that are wrong.

1. Ben lives in Sydney, Australia. FALSE, HE LIVES IN BRANTON, NEAR SYDNEY.

2. Ben is 26 years old. FALSE, HE IS 24 YEARS OLD.

3. Ben's normal job is cleaning windows. TRUE

4. Ben is single. FALSE, HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND.

5. Ben doesn't have any children. TRUE

6. Ben's girlfriend works in the local theatre. TRUE

7. They go swimming in the river at the weekend. FALSE, THEY GO SWIMMING IN A BIG LAKE.

8. Ben gets up at eight o'clock usually. TRUE

9. Ben plays tennis on Thursdays. FALSE, HE GOES RUNNING.

10. Ben gets up early on Thursdays. TRUE Premium

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