Beginners Level >> Reading >> After reading the 'My Garden' text, students use one word to complete sentences about the text.

My Garden - Sentence Completion


Use ONE word to complete each sentence about the "My Garden" reading.

  1. The McDonalds and the Korfmans are the names of his ______.
  2. There are ______ trees in the garden.
  3. There is a small ______ tree in the garden.
  4. The color of the apples is ______.
  5. Max is the Rottweiler and he's very friendly and not ______.
  6. There is also a white ______ in the garden.
  7. There are green, red and yellow ______ in the garden.
  8. Luke must stay in the garden because he's too ______ to go camping. Premium

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