Beginners Level >> Worksheets >> Worksheet where students must choose from a list of 'have' expressions to complete each sentence.

Have Expressions Gap Fill Worksheet


Choose from the following "have" expressions to complete each question.

have a good time
have dinner
have an apple
have a shower
have a party
have a walk
have a baby
have an argument

  1. Ellie wants to ______ next year. She wants a girl.
  2. Calm down! I don't want to ______ with you.
  3. We want to ______ tomorrow night because it's Gerard's birthday.
  4. After dinner, I like to ______ on the beach.
  5. John and Mary always ______ when they visit their friends.
  6. What time do you ______? About 8pm?
  7. If you are hungry, ______.
  8. Go and ______. You're very dirty after playing football. Premium

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