Beginners Level >> Reading >> A dialogue to read. Tom calls his local swimming pool to ask for information.

Barnton Swimming Pool


Read this conversation between Helga and Tom.

Helga: Hello
Tom: Hi, is this Barnton Swimming Pool?
Helga: Yes, it is.
Tom: Oh, good. What time does the swimming pool open?
Helga: Well, we're open now!
Tom: Thanks, I don't want to go swimming today. I want to go tomorrow.
Helga: OK
Tom: So, what time does the pool open tomorrow?
Helga: What is the day tomorrow?
Tom: Erm, Thursday. Yes, Thursday.
Helga: Well, it opens at 9am and closes at 6pm.
Tom: Does the pool close for lunch.
Helga: No, not on a Thursday. Do you have any other questions?
Tom: Yes, how much is it to swim for two hours tomorrow morning?
Helga: If you stay for an hour, it's $5. If you want to stay for the whole day, it's $8.
Tom: Thank you. One more question about the showers.
Helga: Yes?
Tom: Is there a hot shower?
Helga: Of course there is.
Tom: That's good because I hate cold showers!
Helga: OK, see you tomorrow.
Tom: Thanks, bye. Premium

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