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Choose the correct form of the verb 'to be' for each space.

To Be Exercises


  1. My teacher _________ English.
  2. I ________ married.
  3. My favourite color _______ blue.
  4. My favourite sports _______ tennis and windsurfing.
  5. My best friend ______ a student.
  6. Peru _______ in Asia.
  7. _________ you from Britain?
  8. __________ Sean Connery from Scotland? Yes, _____ _______.
  9. How old ______ your sisters?

Complete the questions with 'is' or 'are'. Give true answers for you.

a) You/ a good singer?

b) Your teacher/ married?

c) Tennis/ your favourite sport?

d) Your shoes / new?

e) Your best friend / English?

f) You / very intelligent?


a) Are you a good singer?   Yes, I am      or      No, I'm not.

a) __________________________________________________

b) __________________________________________________

c) __________________________________________________

d) __________________________________________________

e) __________________________________________________

f) ___________________________________________________ Premium

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