Beginners Level >> Error Correction >> Error correction worksheet containing 'to be' plus present simple in all forms: positive, negative and questions.

Error Correction - Present Simple


Which sentences are correct and which sentences have mistakes??

  1. She isn't a doctor. She's a teacher.
  2. I am not happy, am sad.
  3. How many brothers you do have?
  4. My teacher is always tired.
  5. She live in a big, old flat in Chester.
  6. What is he's name?
  7. You are not a good student.
  8. My bicycle isn't red. It's blu.
  9. Do you have a cat or a dog.
  10. I want to laern English.
  11. My mother is tall and my father is short.
  12. He is from Paris. It's in France.
  13. My sister she is a secretary.
  14. Every day, I eat pizza and drink champagne. Premium

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