Beginners Level >> Error Correction >> This error correction sheet consists mainly of 'to be' and some affirmative present simple sentences. There is something approaching agreement that 'error' and its correction by the students plays an important role in their language acquisition process, as it does during first language learning.

Where are the mistakes?


  1. He name is John.
  2. What does she has?
  3. It is a yelow banana.
  4. I have three trees.
  5. My father is a policeman and he has a computer.
  6. I have computer and a banana.
  7. The church is black.
  8. Where is you from?
  9. They are from Paris.
  10. What is her name.
  11. My mother have a green car.
  12. Do you have a pen?
  13. My sister has a apple.
  14. Give me a clock and a watch.
  15. I have two bicicles.
  16. My house in London is blue and red.
  17. My dog has ten years. Premium

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