Beginners Level >> Worksheets >> Students decide whether each apostrophe represents possession or the verb 'is' or 'has'.

Apostrophes: Is or Has?


In each of these sentences, look at the word with the apostrophe. Is it being used for:

Write either P (possession), is or has in the space after each question.

  1. There's a calculator in my bag. ______
  2. She's Swiss. ______
  3. John's car isn't blue. ______
  4. He's fifty-four in August. ______
  5. He's got black hair and a big beard. ______
  6. The car's new but it doesn't run very well. ______
  7. Who's that man over there? ______
  8. She's got glasses but never wears them. ______
  9. Mary's big brother is at the party. ______
  10. What's your name? ______ Premium

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