A2 Key (KET) >> Real World Multiple Choice Worksheets >> The first part of the A2 Key reading paper is multiple choice, where students read six real-world notices, messages and other short texts and choose the best answer for each question.

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Real World Multiple Choice Worksheet 12

Choose the best answer for each question.



Hi Dad, can I stay over at Lucy's after school tomorrow? We have a group project. Maria

  1. Permission to sleep at Lucy's house is being asked.
  2. Permission to stay over at Lucy's for school work is being asked.
  3. Permission not to go to school with Lucy is being asked.



Dear Customer, we regret to inform you that we need to close early at 4 PM tomorrow. Apologies for the inconvenience. Best Regards, Store Manager.

  1. The shop will close early tomorrow.
  2. The shop is closed all day tomorrow.
  3. The shop will open late tomorrow.



Hi Tim, Your presentation has been moved to Thursday afternoon. Please update your schedule. Best Regards, Lisa.

Why did Lisa send this email?

  1. To ask Tim to prepare a presentation.
  2. To ask Tim to change his schedule.
  3. To tell Tim about a change.




Cafe now open on the top floor. Come and enjoy a coffee!

  1. There is a cafe on the top floor.
  2. The cafe is closed today.
  3. The cafe only serves tea.




Fire Exit: This door is for emergency use only. It is not to be used as a regular exit.

  1. This door can be used as a regular exit at the weekend.
  2. This door is always locked.
  3. This door should only be used in emergencies.



Hi Alex, could you lend me your notes for the history class? I missed it last week. Regards, Grace.

  1. Grace has Alex's notes.
  2. Grace is asking to borrow something from Alex.
  3. Alex missed the history class last week.

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