A2 Key (KET) >> Real World Multiple Choice Worksheets >> The first part of the A2 Key reading paper is multiple choice, where students read six real-world notices, messages and other short texts and choose the best answer for each question.

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A2 Key

Real World Multiple Choice Worksheet 11

Choose the best answer for each question.




Lost: A blue umbrella. If found, please return to the customer service desk.

  1. A blue umbrella was lost at the service desk.
  2. You can borrow umbrellas from the customer service desk.
  3. A blue umbrella was lost.


Text Message

Sarah, I'm really sorry but I can't make it to the movie tonight. - Emma

  1. Emma is inviting Sarah to a movie.
  2. Emma is apologising for not going to the movie.
  3. Sarah can't go to the movie.



Guest Speaker

Professor Smith will talk about climate change this Friday at 6pm in the auditorium.

  1. Professor Smith works in the university.
  2. The talk will be held after the weekend.
  3. Professor Smith will give a talk about climate change.



Hi Emma, don't forget to pack your swimsuit. The hotel has a huge pool. See you soon, Lisa.

  1. The hotel Lisa is staying at has no pool.
  2. The hotel Lisa is staying at has a big pool.
  3. Lisa is asking for Emma to lend her a swimsuit.



Hi Joe, the music concert was cancelled. They will refund the ticket money in a week. Sorry for the bad news. Best, Ann.

  1. Expect a refund because the concert was cancelled.
  2. You will have a discount for the next concert.
  3. The concert will be rescheduled soon.



Hello, please remember that our store will be closing at 6 PM every Wednesday for staff training. Best Regards, Store Manager.

  1. The shop opens late on Wednesdays.
  2. The shop closes early on Wednesdays.
  3. The shop is closed all day on Wednesdays.

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